“I can help you feel better rather quickly by getting to the heart of what has been bothering you and helping you deal with it in a way that makes you feel whole.”

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Dr Jon Dodds

Whoever I come in contact with through counseling, speaking, having coffee, even casual conversation——my goal is for them to feel better so that they can at their best.


I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I have a PhD in counseling. I also am certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and have advanced training from Jon Connelly —the founder of RRT.

My sessions:

As I begin to see what is possible for a person I also begin to see what is in their way—what is hold them back. I use techniques and multilevel communication to clear out these obstacles. This then frees up new energy causing them to be optimized.

Jon’s story:

I grew up around a lot of fear and expectations of what I should be like. My response was to try to be perfect and please other people. It felt like I never fit in and I could not understand why. I felt confused and angry—which I suppressed—which caused me to feel depressed. No matter how hard I tried I could not figure out how to feel better. With the guidance of a trusted mentor I began to understand what had been going on. My mind was trying to keep me safe ——but playing it safe was holding me back from thriving. I am learning that when I am happy and feeling free I am better—better for those I love and better for the world.

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